Strategy #4 | Be active, mentally & physically.


Be active, mentally & physically.

Move at least 30 minutes per day.

Participate in critical thinking activities.

Take daily brain breaks.

Modern conveniences have developed a sedentary lifestyle in our society. On average, people in the US sit eleven hours per day, while two or more of those hours are spent watching television and engaging with an electronic device. Daily activity that includes mental and physical experiences are needed to support a balance in our overall health and wellness. Taking active brain breaks during the day allows the brain to retain information and focus attention. Being mentally and physically active benefits the body and mind through reducing stress, improving mood and mental health. Be active, mentally and physically everyday.

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Take a walk, going to the gym or playing a sport can help support physical movement. Spending time with others in these activities can additionally build relationships.

Activities that keep your brain sharp include: reflecting, word puzzles, brain-based mobile applications, and exercise.

When you have spent a number of hours on a particular project or activity, taking a brain break and relaxing your mind can support an improvement in focus and attention.