Strategy #3 | Learn from life everyday.


Learn from life everyday.

Experience new things each month.

Reflect at the end of each day.

Put what you learn to use.

Living in the technology age, information is constantly  evolving. Everyday is a chance to learn, unlearn and relearn. History’s greatest pioneers, inventors, and leaders have utilized continuous learning to create and improve important human advancements such as transportation, agriculture and technology. Through trial and error, defining and redefining, lifelong-learning provides us a wealth of knowledge on how to  continually develop. Continuous improvement encourages an endless pursuit to understanding the world around us and how to make it better, including ourselves and our relationships. Learn from life everyday.

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Plan different experiences to open up new learning opportunities such as: reading a book, volunteering in the community or exploring new places you have never been before.

Reflecting is an important process in learning. Being able to make meaning of what we have experienced each day builds self-efficacy in continuously improving.

Just like muscles, if you do not use it, you will lose it. Take the time to incorporate new learning into your current experiences.