Strategy #6 | Become a positive impression.


Become a positive impression.

Be authentic around everyone.

Increase trust with those around you. 

Treat others as you want to be treated.

Do you remember when you went on a first date, job interview, or the first day of school? The goal was to make a good first impression. Although there are some experiences that provide a “one shot” opportunity to make that impression, we should focus on how our daily actions impact others, whether positive or negative. How do your daily actions reflect how people see you? Do your influences whether family, societal, religious or cultural have an impact on your actions? We must always remember people are watching us. Character and competence go hand-in-hand in determining a person’s intent, motive and deeds. Take the time to become a positive impression.

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While we may adapt to certain situations (i.e. speaking in a formal setting versus a social one), always be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

Trust comes down to a person’s character and competence. Character includes integrity and intent. Competence includes capability and results. Both are needed to increase trust.

The “Golden Rule” is present in some variation in all religions and cultures. When followed, respect for each other can be developed and sustained.