Strategy #8 | Serve.



Share information and ideas with others.

Focus on the common vision.

Give often (time, energy or money).

In order for students, families, communities and businesses (stakeholders) to thrive, we must network with each other to uphold the vision that unites us all – serving. Whether you are the giver or receiver, learning how to serve one another is vital in building sustainable relationships. Leading by serving is built into our values and belief systems and is most evident when challenges arise, such as a natural disaster. People from all ethnicities, backgrounds and communities come together to support those in need. We all have the ability to lead by example and it is accomplished through serving.

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Serving propels us to share information and ideas with others. Sharing can additionally open up solutions to challenges that are hard to overcome when completed in isolation.

Revisiting our purpose often can keep everyone going in the same direction, especially when we may get distracted with the details of the day-to-day work.

Giving is not just financial. Time and energy are equally as important so service can be carried out anytime, anywhere and by anyone.